feed the bees that feed the world

Taking the music and the message to popular food & wine festivals, and farmers markets all across the country.

We'll be collaborating with singer/songwriters to translate a complex story into a powerful soundtrack for change.

Interviewing thought leaders and curating educational content to help people connect the dots between bees, food and human health.

Providing brands a "plug & play" marketing opportunity to align with an important cause and personally connect with consumers.  

Sharing a ton of video, images, infographics and podcasts all over social media to increase awareness exponentially.

Reaching out to communities in big cities and small towns – making media appearances and planting wildflowers.

How do you get everyone to care about the survival of the honey bee?  By appealing to their love of food and music and educating them on the critical role bees play in the health of every man, woman and child on the planet.

the big idea, in a nutshell.

Like what you're seeing?  Well then, you'll definitely want to see the full presentation and video!

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